In the garden

Amsterdam Tropen Hotel is located in the garden of Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen or KIT). Our connection does not extend simply to the sharing of enchanting greenery. In the sixties, KIT volunteers and students would stay here, in the seventies we were upgraded to hotel for KIT guests. Nowadays we open our doors for everyone looking for a comfortable stay in Amsterdam East.

Our profit benefits the Royal Tropical Institute that then use it to further enable meaningful projects. Take the chocolate we serve with our coffee: just a tasty as it is sustainable. Our link with KIT is also reflected in the artefacts we display, our multicultural staff and of course the guests who come to Amsterdam from all corners of the world.

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It all started with the search for a place to store all the trinkets from the colonies and research the possibility of making the trade more profitable. In the end it was decided to just build it from scratch. Eleven years later, in 1926, the monumental building we now know as the Royal Tropical Institute was established.

At the start the focus was on the colonies, today the Royal Tropical Institute is committed to improving health care and socio-economic situations in poorer countries. The Not-for-Profit organisation devotes its time to research, advice, trainings and education of international organisations, companies, NGO’s, governments and students. See www.kit.nl for more information.


Water-saving showers, organic produce and recycling to the max. Amsterdam Tropen Hotel breathes sustainability and that includes a high level of corporate social responsibility. We want to contribute to keeping the city as beautiful, clean and liveable as possible and we believe sustainability is the only way forward. We have even been rewarded with the Golden Green Key, the highest international standard for sustainability.

Needless to say, our sustainability measures do not interfere with us being a luxurious and comfortable hotel. On the contrary, our guests contribute to a better society without even realising it. Our sustainable character is completely in line with the core values of the Royal Tropical Institute with whom we share a very close relationship.


Amsterdam Tropen Hotel is a place with an interesting story and great ambitions. Do you want to contribute to our future? You can! We often have openings for enthusiastic and eager colleagues looking for a job in an international, innovative and sustainable environment. We expect a high level of service, passion for hospitality and the drive to make our guests happy whether it is a couple celebrating their wedding night or a business group in town for a convention.

Does that sound like you? Please contact us to find out openings we have at the moment!